Integrate your Cloud PBX phone system with Zoho to get business context for every call.

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Supported features by PhoneBridge

Getting started

Before the installation make sure that: 

1. Telephony is enabled in your Zoho account (enter your Zoho account > go to Settings > Channels > Telephony). If it is not enabled you will see the “Install” button. 

2. You’re the admin of the Zoho account, otherwise, you won’t be able to enable the integration.

3. There is no running integration with PhoneBridge in your account.

Enable integration

1. Contact your accountmanager to request the Zoho integration

2. Login to your Zoho invironment > Setup > Channels > Telephony > Install the Cloud Communications bridge 

3. Hit the button below:

3. Hit the button below: 

4. Navigate to Phone Devices. Link Zoho user in dropdown for each device via the Edit button

5. You are all set!