Cloud Group

Microsoft Teams integreren met je telefonie

Geniet van een all-in-one telefoniesysteem en integreer jouw Microsoft Teams omgeving vlot met je bestaande Cloud telefonie oplossing van Cloud Communications.

Microsoft Teams. Calling, chatting and collaboration in one platform

A Teams solution via Cloud Group?

A unique solution in a more efficient way.

Teams integrated into our own voice platform

The user, on the one hand, works with a Teams client. On the other hand, the administrator can make changes much easier. This via the Cloud Communications voice platform and not Microsoft's management platform.

We provide your carrier services, lines and numbers

With our solution, there is no need to purchase additional audio codes (SBC). These are implemented backwards and fully deduplicated on our own carrier network.

Unified Communications

Calling, chatting, file sharing, video meetings,... Everything one needs to work together as a team is in the same familiar Teams platform.