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We did the first capital round in 2017, and we are currently experiencing an incredible strong growth. With a young team of super motivated employees we help companies every day to take the step to affordable network continuity and guaranteed accessibility.

To continue our growth, we are constantly looking for new colleagues.
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Internal Sales

The ideal prospecting calendar warrior who is like a fish in the water addressing prospects. You will seldom or never experience cold here, the focus is on useful contacts. These flow continuously through different relevant marketing channels.

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Field Sales

At the negotiation table with prospects, that`s where your habitat is. A go-getter who will follow up until there is a go. We provide appointments, we also generate almost all leads. You are not averse to technical details… On the contrary, you use this knowledge as a tool for solution-oriented deals.

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Support Engineer

As a Support Engineer, your main responsibility is to support customers smoothly. You can easily combine perfectionism and punctuality with teamwork. You are very concerned about safety, with sacred respect for the customer.

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Partner Manager

You are on fire at the table with partners. A go-getter who will follow up until there is a go. Technical details, you are not averse to that. On the contrary, you find that a logical tool to close partner deals that are solution-oriented.

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Field Engineer

As a first contact point with customers, doing installs is something you perform with a smile. Bringing the customer to ease, being assertive and asking the necessary questions are aspects that are complementary to who you are. Being on the road a lot doesn't scare you, and in your opinion there is a solution for every problem.

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Full Stack Developer

With a creative spirit you´re involved in developing applications that directly help the organization move forward. Keeping the website up-to-date and updating internal applications are things that satisfy you. Scale-up Cloud Group offers a ton of challenges for this role!

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