Cloud Group

Cloud Security Internet

Met een premium firewall en externe WiFi acces points,
is dit veel meer dan gewoon internet.
Dit alles wordt door ons gemanaged in de Cloud.

Cloud Fiber & VDSL

Network security is important to you?

 The Internet you’ve known for years, but with better monitoring, security and support.

Firewall Security

A local network without a firewall is almost unthinkable due to the increasing number of hackings. In addition, we expect to be able to work securely from home via VPN without sacrificing flexibility. This and several other issues are managed by us.

WiFi. Expandable.

You know a router with embedded WiFi. With our solution, you get an external WiFi accespoint, whose can be placed strategically.
In addition, the WiFi network can be extended with additional antennas for optimal coverage.

Internet line monitoring

No more support where people cannot see or figure out Internet problems.
We monitor your local network on the one hand and the Internet line on the other.