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So much more than a classic fixed phone...

The cost-efficient solution that takes your business communication to a higher level

Cost Efficient

Cost Efficient

Business calls at highly advantageous VoIP rates (National -BE- and international) . In combination with a monthly subscription based on users, this can result in an average of 30% monthly advantage for our clients.



Virtual phone PBX fully customized, connected to all your devices (smartphone, laptop, tablet,...). Make mobile calls with a business number as if you were at the office, through you Cloud PBX system.



Worldwide access to your PBX in the Cloud. Free internal calls between different locations, office sites, partners or homeworkers...



Possibility to specifically assemble the Cloud PBX services based on your company's needs. FAX2Email, cloud voicemail, SMS services, Hot-desking,... Are just a grasp of the possible modules Cloud Communications has to offer.

Net yet convinced?

Did you know that over 70% of companies in the Netherlands are using telephony in the cloud?

I want my phone PBX system in the Cloud!

Small business with 2 employees, big busy office or multiple offices worldwide: your cloud pbx phone system is scalable to your company's volume.

Small Business (SB)

100% reachability, comfort and monthly advantageous.
Still hesitating?

  • 3+ Devices (IP Phones,...)
  • Highly accessible
  • Professional charisma
  • FAX2Email - Email2FAX module
  • Personal acces Customer Control Panel
  • Virtual Receptionist
  • CloudCall (iOS/Android)

Small Medium Business (SMB)

70% of organisations change to a PBX in the cloud due to optimalisation of services.
Second priority is decreasing monthly cost.

  • 10+ Devices (IP phones,...)
  • All Features SB included
  • One Cloud PBX for all branches
  • Reception & Office IP Phones
  • Cloud Phone Book
  • Auto call notifier
  • Cloud SMS Module
  • Call Recordings

Corporate & Government

The corporate solution for your entire telecommunications infrastructure. Easily scalable, adjustable modules to fit the company's needs.

  • Contact us
  • All features SMB included
  • Worldwide internal free calls
  • Statistics Module
  • Calendar Module
  • Hot-Desking
  • Database Flow Manager
  • Customized control panel for admins
  • CRM/CMS integration

Cloud Communications

A smart way of communication

Using a cloud PBX phone system from Cloud Communications equals worry-free communicating. With thorough expertise and specific know-how in cloud telephony, Cloud Communications is providing customized B2B optimization and cost-efficiency on a daily basis, for al sorts of companies. What used to be a high-cost investment, buying your own PBX, has now become accessible and scalable.

We provide these professional facilities, so you and your company pay exactly what you need, user-based. The exact 'footprint' of your cloud PBX is what you pay for, nothing more, nothing less. Besides the fact that Cloud Communications guarantees full physical redundancy in different locations, you get top-of-the-shelf specific know-how at all time.

Stability, continuity and reliability are number one on the list, at Cloud Communications. HD audio at your finger tops.

With access to innovative applications, every location is your office location, if it depends on us. Cloud PBX is as mobile as you are, with CloudCall.

Every set-up is solution based. The missing (or broke) pieces of the telecommunications puzzle are fulfilled or repaired by providing a tailored configuration. Your organisation has its own culture, its own needs. So we realise that only you and other members of the organisation know exactly how your business works. In other words: You're the captain of your own ship. We on the other hand, know how business communications works. These both practices assure that every configuration is different and highly effective. With full access to your private customer control panel, you are in control of exceptional adjustments, daily changes. Problem not solved? Call your SPOC engineer or the 24/7 partner line. Your Cloud Communications expert will be happy to help. Both services included at all time, without extra fee. Yeah, you read it right. NO more extra yearly maintenance cost.

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